Welcome to the Nice Rice Shop

Welcome to the Nice Rice Shop

Welcome to the Nice Rice Shop


Our webstore just got a makeover! Come on in!

Cute plush, just because. Food with Faces, why not?

Onigiri, dumplings, EMOblocks, accessories and other thingamabobs. Unique handmade Asian and geeky pop culture goodies.

Our site is a work in progress, so stay tuned and “Like” our Facebook page for updates on new products, events and more!

emoblock doodle

Cute food with emoji faces, squishy creatures and EMOblocks (TM)!

Geeky print elastic waist skirts!

EMOTEye sleep masks, buttons, mirrors, magnets and keychains!

Local Events!

Stay tuned for our event schedule once we're back to setting up shop in person again!

We make custom and original HANDMADE IN THE USA plush for customers! Bring your 2-D designs to 3-D life!

We can embroider and create a custom label just for you, too. Or personalize our existing line of plushies and accessories with names or special occasions as one-of-a-kind gifts.

Custom buttons for your next non-profit event, pocket mirrors for bridal showers, bottle opener party favors. 1-100+ item orders with reorder specials for return clients. Check out our Gallery for more examples. 

And remember, ALL of our items are handmade by us~! (Son Yong and Dev!) We DO NOT outsource ANY of our work! We proudly make all of our goodies ourselves.

Contact us to discuss your own custom creation: [email protected]