Inspired by the Cute and Silly, Pop Culture and Geeky

Founded on the idea of CUTE, we’ve been at it since 2007, just the two of us—traveling to conventions, fairs, and bazaars showcasing our unique, original, handmade goodies—a variety of Asian and Geek Pop Culture plushies from EMOblocks(TM), onigiri, narwhals and other foods and creatures.

Our goal is to share our love of the CUTE and FUN and even functional! You’ll find clothing and accessories like our skirts, EMOTEye Sleep Masks, mirrors and key chains.

Why Nice Rice? Growing up in two cultures; Asian, then American, then both. Because words sound funny when they rhyme, and because whimsy makes people smile.

Growing up crafty, Son Yong always had a mind to explore her creativity. Painting, drawing, sewing, gluing, cutting, taping, tufting—she was always up to her elbows in something!

Son Yong used to make her own Halloween costumes, and having grown up with comics, books, games, and pop culture, it seemed natural to apply those interests to a hobby of costuming. But it wasn’t until well into college that cosplay became the gateway to really getting into the spirit of making. Son Yong’s partner in craft and husband, The Dev, also shared an intense love of all things Geek, and as a couple, derped out to many a costume.

So, it wasn’t long until we chose to start branching out into creating cuteness as a business. Partly inspired by a good friend, we began our deep dive into the cozy world of the small crafter. One random trip to a sewing expo show and we went home with a custom embroidery machine, digitizing software and a whole lot of excitement. Here was the chance to bring our 2-D images to life!

And so, our plush family was born. Onigiri, dumplings, and other food with faces. Cutey fat animals, squeaky, plush—even clothing and functional smalls. Years later, we’re still using the same trusty Brother Innovis, although our sewing family has grown to include a serger and several more sewing machines.

It’s labor, but how could we not love it? And we hope you will, too!

Nice Rice is constantly experimenting and evolving so new products are always making an appearance. We even do custom plush! Let us help you create a one-of-a-kind, 3-D version of your character! If you’re interested in custom creations, email us with questions and for quotes here: [email protected]

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